Monday, November 28, 2022

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FitsAir to launch international flights from Sri Lanka soon .

FitsAir, promoted by Fits Aviation, a member of the Aberdeen Holdings group, said that commercial operations will commence from 5th October.

The privately-owned airline, operating A320-200 aircraft, has opened bookings for its international flights, connecting Colombo to Dubai, Male and Trichy.

In a significant move, veteran professional and top aviation expert Peter Hill has been appointed to the helm and to drive operations, along with a team of seasoned Sri Lankan professionals.

Top aviation expert Peter Hill, the Vice President, Passenger Operations, FitsAir, said that the airline also hopes to launch flights from Ratmalana to Jaffna and from Jaffna to India.

“FitsAr will cater to the needs of the modern Sri Lankan traveller who wants competitive fares, an in-flight service that is efficient without any ‘frills’ , he added.

It is combined with options of baggage allowance, where you do not pay for the weight of baggage which you carry – where there is no obligation to pay the full fair if your baggage is less in weight” he explained

The premise is that we do not want to waste a passenger’s time, money or energy in the process of travelling,” added Hill, who went on to note that FitsAir, due to its pricing competitiveness, will make air travel a viable option for many Sri Lankans.

“However, in true Sri Lankan hospitality, all passengers will get a complimentary refreshment pack, although substantial meals, beverages and snacks will be available for purchase on board plus pre-bookings.”

A free checked-in baggage allowance of 30kgs will be provided to all customers, and a free carry-on bag of 7 kgs.

FitsAir will also offer reduced fares for baggage of no more than 20 kgs. Passengers can purchase excess baggage at the airport, subject to space availability.

The airline has been operating through its predecessor, Expo Aviation, predominantly in the cargo sector for the past 25 years.

A year ago, the owners decided on the scheduled regional passenger market and now have a fleet of three Airbus A320-200 aircraft in its fleet.

It is part of FiTS Aviation (PVT) LTD, a member of the prestigious Aberdeen Holding Group of Companies. It is privately owned and run by a team of seasoned Sri Lankan professionals, together with a couple of well-known expatriates from the local aviation community.

From the outset, FitsAir has been designed to provide affordable scheduled air travel to customers between Sri Lanka and destinations between Sri Lanka and destinations within SAARC, GCC and SEAsia.

All the Airbus A320-200 aircraft are registered in Sri Lanka and are operated under the jurisdiction of the Director-General, Civil Aviation of Sri Lanka. The technical and cabin crew are all Sri Lankan and comprise a unique blend of seasoned professionals and fresh, fully-qualified younger faces.

It plans to commence services between Colombo’s Ratmalana Airport and Jaffna and then develop a mini-hub in Jaffna, to serve a range of South Indian cities are also underway. Flights out of Ratmalana and Jaffna would be served with 70-seat turboprop aircraft.

A range of domestic services are also in the plans, based around Ratmalana Airport working with Tour Operators/Hoteliers, to provide swift transfers and short-duration sightseeing tours. These services would use 12-seater Cessna Caravan aircraft

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