Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Lambs to Slaughter by the Sri Lanka Police

It is disheartening to see and hear news about the ever increasing crime rates in Sri Lanka. There is not a day without hearing a Rape , Murder , House Break , Looting, Heist in broader day light or molesting ladies during night times. How long have we to tolerate these crimes? Amidst all this negative news, the Sri Lanka Police, Inspector General of Police and the Minister in charge of Law and order are in a deep Slumber. Still the poor tax payers of this Country keep maintaining them.

We have been included among the top 10 nations who spend and have the largest defence budget. There goes Taxpayers money down the drain.

We maintain a large no of police force in the country however more than half of it has been used to give protection to politicians, their kith & kin/their properties and the majority of the police force including the STF is used to curb & control the ARAGALAYA. Police personnel have been kept in Colombo and there by deserting the police stations island wide. Many Police Stations are manned by a skeleton staff. Crooks & Criminals are fully aware of this fact and they are happily carrying on their criminal acts even in broad daylight.  

Even if someone complains to a police station about an ongoing Heist or Burglary, Police stations are unable to send sufficient policemen to the Crime Site. This is not a joke. Innocent civilians are left to look after themselves.

There are very many Fraudsters who have robbed people through many rackets are left only to complain to the Criminal Investigation Department of the Police after they were fleeced. The sad part is complaints for the past 5 or more years are just left without investigating due to lack of trained policemen. So why do we continue to pay for their Salaries. Can’t we privatise this part of the Police.

The latest is due to the power cuts. Former strong man, the ugly American had suggested that we should not switch on the street lights to save Electricity and all our Yes men had nodded to him just to please him. As a result we in Sri Lanka do not have street lights lit during night time. Imagine the poor Women in our country who are doing night shifts and coming home and many working girls coming home during dusk. they are prone to the Maniacs and robbers on our roads due to this stupid idea of an imbecile. That idiot may have thought and compared Sri Lanka’s infrastructure  as developed as the USA. Funniest thing is that even though he is gone, we continue to carry on his suggestion of not lighting the street lamps . As a result hundreds or may be thousands of innocent Sri Lankan Ladies suffer in the hands of opportunists. Unfortunately there are no Policemen to save them from the Clutches of Rapists & Sex Maniacs.

Hence I suggest that we immediately start lighting the street lamps and Police must start Patrolling streets. Government must beef up the police stations. As a priority without safeguarding the politicians. 

Bring the Law & Order to the Society 

A Concerned Citizen

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