Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Prasanna Gunasena a fraud. Next PANAMA Papers will disclose his name (VIDEO)

A triad formed upon the four-wing division at the Ministry of Health has developed a mafia which is controlling the country’s health sector, divulged Dr. Rukshan Bellana, Chairman of Government Medical officers’ Forum (GMOF), speaking to a briefing held in Colombo today (20).

The triad is controlling the Director General of Health Services and the Deputy Director Generals of Health Services, he added, accusing Dr. Prasanna Gunasena the Chairman of the State Pharmaceutical Corporation (SPC) of being a fraud. Dr. Bellana claimed that Gunasena’s name will be disclosed in the PANAMA papers which will be published in about five years.

Dr. Bellana went on saying that a recent newspaper claimed that Gunasena is due to tender his resignation to the post of SPC Chairman, suggesting that he is not even qualified to hold the position this far.

“These posts were given in their submission to certain politicians, parties, or Viyath Maga. None of these persons are qualified to hold such posts. They are not qualified to work in the public service. Those who had served in the Private Sector have now come to the chairmanships of state corporations, formed mafia gangs and are controlling the Director General of Health Services and the Deputy Director Generals of Health Services. How can the health sector be moved forward like this? This is a divisive regime, a dichotomy. The Health Service cannot be moved forward like this. There is no relief for the people from the medicines. There is a shortage of drugs. Despite being informed that the cancer drugs imported from India are inferior, they are imported. What is this? Is the country being subjugated to the Mafia? To take control?

There is a Chairman called Prasanna Gunasena. He has become a bully to everyone now. His superiority is based on the fact that he submitted himself to the President at Viyath Maga. Using his title, he is giving orders to the ministerial heads. We have seen chairmen for the last 25 years, but not a scumbag like this. At one point he is reaching out for Lanka Hospital for his private practice, and at another, playing the role of the SPC Chairman. Is it possible for such a person to work in a corporation? Files are piled up at the Corporation without any decision being made,” he said.

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