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Words of Advice from Dravid, Rajapakse Co must Read

Cricketer Rahul Dravid was given Doctorate by Bangalore University, Rahul Dravid returned it. Not only did he return, he also gave a wonderful speech, he said-My wife is a doctor, she spent many sleepless nights and days to get this title. My mother is an arts professor, she waited fifty long years for this degree, persevered. I have worked hard to play cricket, but I have not studied that much, so how do I not have this degree?

Einstein was invited by the Israeli government to become the country’s prime minister in 1952 Einstein humbly said-I am a noob student of physics. What do I understand of state governance?

The world-renowned mathematician named Perelman gave huge money back to field medals and awards known as the Nobel Prize in Mathematics worldwide. He said-We had a family of very scarcity. To save mother’s money, we had to keep calculating. Managed to show a little math skills in that way. Now there is no scarcity, so what will I do with so much money?

Seeing the modesty of these people, my head is bowed down in honor and shame. When I look at myself, I can see the reflection of indestructible, arrogant, or strange people. These people repeatedly remind me that being humble doesn’t mean falling short, it’s growing much bigger.

Because we fall small in our indestructible arrogance, we grow up again and again in our humble attempt to become small. The most strange truth in the world is-you have to be small to grow up, you don’t need to be big to be small.

Krishna Rao

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