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Opposition Leader comments on ‘Grenade Drama’ (VIDEO)

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa speaking to a rally held in Maskeliya yesterday (16) stated that the government has failed to capture the masterminds of the Easter Sunday Massacre, nor has it been able to conduct the investigations properly even to date.

The suspicions surrounding the grenade discovered inside the All Saints Church in Borella are becoming worse given observation to how the investigations are being carried out, he pointed out.

The government is not even giving in to the appeal by His Eminence the Cardinal’s regarding the grenade discovery, Premadasa reminded, adding that the government, which came to power in depiction of the Easter Sunday Massacre, has forgotten its promises today.

The Opposition Leader also noted that serious suspicions are being raised in the Society regarding the Easter Attack and that the government’s suspicious behaviour and the slow pace of the investigations prove them.

Promising that he would not hesitate to deliver the maximum punishment for those responsible for the massacre, including the masterminds, through a fair and independent investigation, Premadasa stressed that it would be ridiculous to expect such an action under this regime.


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