Monday, November 28, 2022

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SL Government to bring all transport services under one digital platform

Government will implement a new system bringing all the transport services in this country including trains, buses, school vans and taxi services under one digital level.

The National Council sub-committee will be identifying short- and medium-term programs related to economic stabilization took into discussion regarding the creation of passenger convenience by creating this digital system.

Discussions on the matter was held at the National Council sub-committee on identifying short- and medium-term programs related to economic stabilization under the chairmanship of Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka, Member of Parliament recently (21)

Representatives of several parties related to the transport sector of Sri Lanka participated in this committee and the views of the respective parties on the current problems in the transport sector were taken into account.

Representatives of transport services including Sri Lanka Private Bus Owners Association, Three Wheelers Association, School Children Transport Association pointed out that due to the low fuel prices, restrictions imposed on the import of vehicles and restrictions imposed on vehicle spare parts, they have to face severe difficulties.

They also pointed out that the price of spare parts including vehicle tires has increased by 300%. Furthermore, these representatives pointed out that the number of vehicles used for transportation including buses, school vans and three-wheelers are decreasing due to the shortage of auto parts.

Patali Champika Ranawaka, Chairman of the sub-committee, said that the committee will present several suggestions focusing on all these situations. Accordingly, he said it is proposed to bring all the transport services in this country to one digital platform to create passenger convenience as an important proposal.

The Chairman further said that a combination of all these proposals is expected to be presented to the National Council in December.

This will serve as the building block for new technological innovations that can strengthen digital commerce and e-governance in all aspects of transport services to operate it more efficiently and transparently.

Sri Lanka has the potential to transition to a smart nation, making innovative technology the backbone of every sphere of activity.

By doing this, key issues currently facing the country can be addressed and critical sectors and services can be transformed into highly efficient, transparent, and profitable systems which in turn can transform people’s lives.

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