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“DP Coding School” Inaugural Ceremony at Delgoda Mahamevna Vidyalaya (VIDEO)

“DP Coding School,” the latest initiative by “DP Education” introduced by business magnet Dhammika Perera for free education for the children of Sri Lanka, was inaugurated at Delgoda Mahamevna Buddhist College on December 16, 2022.

The event was organised at the counsel of School Advisor Ven. Aludeniye Subodha Thera and the invitation of Principal C.C.D. Gamlath.

The awarding of certificates and prizes of the simultaneously held Information Technology contest and the opening of a new laboratory and a new Information Technology laboratory at the school have also taken place under the patronage of Mr. Dhammika Perera.

“What should be done for the country from my end, I am doing it. I made up my mind not to talk about politics, which is not out of disappointment. I have nothing to feel disappointment about. Because I came to serve what I was signed up for. As a Minister, I was given 16 days, out of which I was able to serve for only 10 days. During those 10 days I already fixed the institutions that should have been fixed. I do not see ministries, or responsibilities as a big deal. In my book, there is the way to fix all the ministries,” Perera told the reporters.

DP Education founded by Dhammika Perera and Priscilla Perera is an online free education platform dedicated to transforming learning and teaching experiences through free online education, best-in-class teachers, and the development of education infrastructure, and its latest initiative DP Coding School can be accessed Here :


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