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Former Health Minister says he never changed his policies despite decisions to switch parties

Former Health Minister MP Dr. Rajitha Senaratne joining the ‘Salakuna’ political programme aired on Hiru TV said he never changed his policies involving the National Crisis, Economy and other fields in Sri Lanka despite the decisions throughout the course of time to switch parties in politics contributing to elections.

“Now, even the journalists in Sri Lanka have begun to talk about switching parties, haven’t they? How many times have you talked about changing people’s policies? Look at my policy. Have I, a person who has been stepping forward through bomb blasts since the 80s, ever changed my solution to the National Crisis? Why am I breaking myself out from the Mahinda Rajapaksa group? The friendship between me and Mahinda runs back to the school days. Basil was my best friend at class, at school. Back in the day, Basil was always in our house in the evening. It was me and Basil who did everything for the Students Movement.

Back then, Basil was an unforgettable character in my life. Because he was my childhood friend, we read the handbook of politics together. I find Mahinda as the elder brother of Basil. When Mahinda first entered Parliament, he was accompanied by our group of classmates, not those from Beliatta. But why did I, someone who used to be so close, conflict, why did I drop myself out? Ask from those who were in the SLFP back then. The first crisis was the National Crisis. We took a promise from him that a fair solution must be sought after the war. When he failed to do so, we left,” Senaratne said.

The former Minister added: “When it comes to the National Crisis, I stood unshaken regardless of who’s side I was on. I was able to stay with Ranil Wickremesinghe for a long time because both he and I are in a strong position on that matter. Even with Mr. Sajith Premadasa, there is no problem.

Speaking of the second issue, it is the Economic Crisis. I was in the Leftist Faction, wasn’t I? Ranil was in another. When that economy collapsed — not only within a country but within the entire world — only countries like China walked towards the direction of Capitalism while keeping their political structure intact and walked out from that socialist economy we craved for, didn’t they? If Karl Marx was alive, even he would’ve added a new volume to Das Capita. Unlike those from around here who like to brag about the same old parchments over and over again, they were really creative people. So, I dropped myself out and joined for the cause of Open Economy. UNP was the best party for Open Economy. On the other hand, UNP was the party that was not feudal.”

“The other matter was the Executive Presidency, which I am against now and then,” Senaratne went on. “It was me who brought in the suggestion in 2000 that the Executive Presidency must be abolished during the UNP Anniversary event in Hambantota. Another matter is the Parliament Election System. I managed to win so far because of this Election System. Had there been the old System, I could’ve been sent home when the UNP lost Beruwala. I have been in Parliament for 28 years because of JR’s Election System. But even today, I say that this Election System must be abolished. Abolishing this, a Parliament Seat System should be established. Having that established, Rajitha Senaratne may lose. But if I am to, I will stay at home for five years. Someone good who has no famous name, or money, cannot enter Parliament today. This was why that a slogan was born rejecting the 225 MPs at ‘Aragalaya.’ I haven’t changed my policies.”


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