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What is DP Coding School?

DP Coding School, is a new program launched under DP Education. This program is being implemented with the aim of opening the way to Sri Lankan school students and young people for the thousands of job opportunities that will be created in the future world through the field of information technology.

Apart from those related to the computer field, a question that comes to many other people is what is this coding school. So we thought to explain it very simply.

Many languages ​​are used to communicate between people. Animals also have ways to communicate with each other. Usually when we use computers and smart phones, we use various languages ​​like English, Sinhala, Tamil to get information. But a different language is used inside computers or smart phones. That’s computer language. Coding is the method of making something we want through a computer using this computer language.

Things like computer software, smart phone apps, and computer games are created through coding. You may have some idea how many coding-related job opportunities have been created in the world…

If you look back 20 years, computers were not everywhere at that time. But today almost every government or private office has at least one or two computers. Not only that, smart phones which were not available then are used by a large percentage of the population on a daily basis. So if we think about the future 10 or 20 years from now, it’s hard to imagine how much computer technology will be intertwined with human lives.

On the other hand, even now, computer programs and software are used in all fields including agriculture, education, medicine, sports, and not just the industrial sector. Accordingly, millions of these coding-related jobs are bound to emerge in the world in the future.

Also, you can get a high salary for coding related jobs in Sri Lanka. There are still job opportunities related to coding that can earn income directly in US dollars. In the video below, you can learn some information about the high salaries of coding-related jobs in the world.

One of the biggest problems we see in Sri Lanka is that many of the children who complete their schooling after going to school for 13 years do not have a goal or an understanding of what field they should focus on for a job. But if your child, or sibling gets the opportunity to enter the field of coding at school age and gain basic knowledge and experience, they will definitely have a clear vision of what to do next when they get out of school.

DP Coding School operates to provide that opportunity to our future generations.

DP Coding School can be joined by students of any age from first grade. No special knowledge of English is required, because the teaching is done in Sinhala. And this valuable education is provided to you completely free. If you have a computer you can join DP Coding School from home.

Activities have been arranged here in a very simple and attractive manner so that anyone from small children can grasp it very easily. Apart from that, DP Coding School also offers certificates according to the number of stages completed.

Do not miss this valuable opportunity and enter the DP Coding School today by referring to . Encourage your children, brothers and sisters to take the initial steps to apply for lakhs of job opportunities in various fields from IT to software engineers.

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