Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Only God can save PB Jayasundara

Finally after months of speculation the most feared, despised and powerful Secretary  of the government Punchi Banda Jayasundara was replaced by Gamini Senarath. Gamini assumed duties as the Secretary to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa a short while ago. Senarath served as the Prime Minister’s Secretary. He was Director General of the Presidential Secretariat in 2014. Many public officials and ministers are happy to see the back of Dr Jayasundara. The root cause for the current economic crisis was not going to the IMF in 2020. In addition slashing taxes resulting in massive money printing, pushing inflation to record levels . This was an experiment of Jayasundara including  the fertilizer, now the country has to pay for this with sweat and tears. Jayasundara was never accessible and provided bad advice to the President according to SLPP sources. This is a man who was barred by the Supreme Court to function as a public official. But brought back by the Rajapakse family. Furthermore they noted he promoted his girls and boys and his business cronies.  His critics says he appointed people who he wished and gave the example of a case where he appointed both the husband and wife as bank directors. He operated through puppets like Prof Lakshman and SR Attygalle. He must be held accountable for this mess a minister noted. Eg Sugar fraud etc etc 

 P B Jayasundara should listen to cricketer Rahul Dravid’s words of advice. Dravid said when “Einstein was invited by the Israeli government to become the country’s prime minister in 1952 Einstein humbly said-I am a noob student of physics. What do I understand of state governance?Seeing the modesty of these people, my head is bowed 

down in honor and shame. When I look at myself, I can see the reflection of 

indestructible, arrogant, or strange people. These people repeatedly remind me that being humble doesn’t mean falling short, it’s growing much bigger.Because we fall small in our indestructible arrogance, we grow up again and again in our humble attempt to become small. The most strange truth in the world is-you have to be small to grow up, you don’t need to be big to be small”,  

Dr Jayasundara according several public officials and SLPP  ministers lost his head and his high handed behavior they say was the root cause of this unprecedented economic crisis that he allegedly has said ‘only god can save us’ . The irony is the crisis is largely man made and he is 90% responsible for many of the decisions that led to this crisis. The 

President has to now carry the can for Jayasundara’s mismanagement. He has unfortunately lost any opportunity of getting re-elected. Basil Rajapakse would do good to the country to send Jayasundara as an alternate Director to the IMF to experiment with another country with out messing anymore with our battered economy . 

Sri Lanka on the 18 th avoided an immediate debt default, averting a massive crisis, the country’s leaders should now make use of the breathing space provided by the Indian credit lines to discuss with its creditors, preferably with the support of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to chart a durable and a sustainable path for debt management. All depends on how smart the government can be? 

Adolf . 

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