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The real reason behind popularizing Organic Farming is the dollar crisis – Lalkantha

Former JVP MP K.D. Lalkantha says that the government will have to hold a general election as soon as two and a half years have passed for the current parliament. He has told the media in Kandy that the present government could not stay in power any longer as the country is facing a number of serious crises.

The former Member of Parliament also states that the Jathika Jana Balawegaya is ready to take over the country in the forthcoming general election which will be held after two and a half years.

He points out that the government is currently facing a number of crises and has failed to provide solutions to any of them. He says that instead of providing permanent solutions, plaster solutions are being offered.

He says the government had to popularize organic farming when it was unable to import chemical fertilizers due to the dollar crisis.

Government leaders say that the suspension of chemical fertilizers was due to the love of the people and for their kidneys, but the real reason is the dollar crisis, says Lalkantha. He points out that the import of fuel has also gone into crisis and that the ships carrying the fuel have been anchored in the seas around Sri Lanka until the dollars are paid.

He says that the present regime has failed to solve any of these problems and that the people are ready to send home rulers who cannot solve the country’s crises and look for new alternatives.

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