Thursday, December 7, 2023

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A suspect arrested in a drug incident dies

A suspect who was arrested with drugs has died after a struggle while trying to escape, police said.

The deceased was a 42-year-old father of two who was an employee of the Sri Lanka Vocational Training Authority.

According to information received regarding heroin trafficking, the concerned suspect was arrested yesterday afternoon (11) near the Sri Lanka Vocational Training Authority.

Police said that about 15 grams of heroin was found in the suspect’s possession and the suspect said that the drug was obtained from a person in Maradana area.

Later, when the suspect was brought to the Maradana area, he told him that he wanted to drink water near the Nelum Kuluna, where he broke the glass bottle that was given to him and tried to escape by hitting an officer of the police anti-narcotics department. The police said that during the struggle between the police officers and the suspect, he became unconscious and died while being admitted to the Colombo National Hospital.

The police allege that the suspect is a close relative of a drug dealer named “Podi Lassie”.

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