Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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The two years lost due to covid should be given to the President and the government – Diana Gamage

Parliamentarian Diana Gamage states that the term of office of the President and the current government should be extended as the promises made to the people at the election could not be fulfilled due to the Kovid epidemic. Due to this, the President should be given another two years and the term of the current Parliament should be extended by two years.

She made this statement while participating in the parliamentary debate today.

Diana Gamage points out that the present government and the President would have had a lot of work to do in the past two years if it had not been for the covid epidemic. She also states that if there was no covid epidemic, the expressway system would have been completed by now.

Diana Gamage has stated that she is ready to submit a proposal to Parliament to extend the term of office of the President and Parliament.

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