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Salt Corporation Chairman ousted

Nishantha Sandabaran has been ousted from his position as the Lanka Salt Corporation.

When Sandabarana was appointed as the Chairman of the Lanka Salt Corporation, it had incurred a loss of Rs. 100 million and only under his administration was the Corporation restored into a profiting body. Currently, the Lanka Salt Corporation has a deposit of Rs. 500 million.

Similarly, the Chairman of the MILCO had been ousted on a previous occasion, but was later appointed as the Chairman of the Fertiliser Corporation.

The Salt Corporation Chairman has been the subject of a series of objection in the recent past, where a fast was held against him under the direction of Hambantota Mayor Eraj Ravindra, alleging that Sandabaran, against the objective of making the ‘Vision for Prosperity’ a reality, was only serving prosperity to his relatives. Ravindra had sworn that he would resign from politics if the Salt Corporation Chairman was not removed.

Despite the Mayor’s claims, the real reason behind Ravindra’s intervention on ousting Sandabaran was the loss of the ransom money he had collected from the Salt Corporation, political sources disclosed. It was Sandabaran who ceased the reception of ransom money to Ravindra as the Corporation Chairman.

Sandabaran, who lost his position has the Chairman of the Salt Corporation, is set to hold a special briefing next Monday, or Tuesday, to make an exclusive disclosure, sources added.

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