Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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SL Mounted Police Division effectively tackles horses feeding issue

By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Measures taken to provide the horses of Sri Lanka Mounted Police Division with local grains, as a result of the ongoing dollar crisis, have been successful thus far, the Division confirmed.

Accordingly, a programme to feed the horses with local grains such as green gram, chickpeas and corn was implemented after they were unable to import the required feed, owing to Sri Lanka’s dollar crisis.

The inability to import the feed required for the horses ultimately led to them losing weight and becoming emaciated, the Mounted Police Division stated.

However, with the recent program, there has been an evident increase in the weight of the horses, albeit gradually, the Division stated.

Sri Lanka Police Mounted division has lost seven horses due to feed shortage, a police official said, amid import bans.

One horse has died from internal injuries that was caused due to lack of feed, while the other horses were suffering from various illnesses amid lower nutrition level, Police Media Spokesman disclosed. “The deaths occurred in February, April, October and November 2022,” he said.

Each horse under the mounted division is worth around 35,000 US dollars and currently there are around 50 horses that are being maintained, he said.

“According to the doctor’s report, only one horse has died because of internal injuries occurred due to lack of feed.”

Sri Lanka has banned many imports including processed animal feed and raw materials for feeds due to a forex shortage that later turned into an economic and political crisis.

The local production of feed was further affected by the import ban on fertilizer, resulting in a drop in agricultural products.

After the rupee collapsed in early 2022, animal feed importers have been struggling. The ban was later lifted partially.

The import ban led commercial banks to refuse to open letters of credit. The available foreign reserves were allocated to import fuel and medicine to the country.

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