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BASL raises strong concerns over state authorities’ attempts to hinder LG Polls

By: Isuru Parakrama

Colombo (LNW): The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has raised deep concerns over the recent attempts by state authorities to disrupt the Local Government Election, in a statement issued yesterday (18).

The BASL pointed out that the LG Polls, which are mandated by law to be held prior to March 19, 2023, like any other election, is a vital part of Sri Lanka’s democratic process and must not be hindered.

The conduct of the Treasury Secretary, the Government Printer, and other state officials and bodies over the last few weeks clearly demonstrated a concerted effort to bring the LG Polls to a halt, the BASL emphasised, adding that such a commission undermines the franchise of the people and endangering the sovereignty of the people Sri Lanka.

It warned that hindering the holding of the Polls could set a dangerous precedent for an unpopular executive or legislature to obstruct the allocation of resources for an election, preventing the people of Sri Lanka from choosing their representatives and leaders, and reminded that Articles 104 B (2) and 104 GG (1) of the Constitution of Sri Lanka make it clear that all state authorities are duty-bound to cooperate with the Election Commission and any move of refusing or failing to do so is a criminal offense punishable with imprisonment.

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