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Israel agrees to recruit 2000 female Caregivers from Sri Lanka this year

A special delegation from Israel visiting Sri Lanka has assured the Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara, that their country will offer 2000 job opportunities for female caregivers from Sri Lanka, this year.
The delegation comprising Shiely Raisin Sason, director of Israel’s Population and Migration Institute and members Zindani Mary, Yaccow Kabilau, Margarita Gaorodnitsky among others met Minister Manusha Nanayakkara today. The minister during the meeting requested from the delegation to provide more job opportunities to caregivers from Sri Lanka and in response the delegation assured the Minister that their country will recruit 2000 female caregivers from Sri Lanka this year.

The delegation pointed out that according to the existing culture in Israel, women have more opportunities for patient care, and the number of opportunities for male caregivers is very limited, and accordingly, the delegation also requested the Minister to give priority to females when providing training in the caregiver sector in the future.

The delegation also pointed out the importance of accelerating the recruitment process for caregiver jobs. Accordingly, the Minister assured the delegation that only those who meet the relevant qualifications will be recruited for training. Here, the Israeli delegation informed the minister that Sri Lankan workers with English language proficiency, who have received professional training, will always get the opportunity for Israeli employment opportunities.

The delegation said their country is ready to give opportunities up to 8000 qualified workers on an annual basis.

Both parties pointed out the importance of recruiting workers through a transparent process. The minister pointed out that some private recruiters are acting like a mafia in the process of recruiting caregivers to work in Israel. The minister also clarified the facts about the allegations against some Sri Lankans in Israel regarding the recruitment process. The Minister also mentioned that there are allegations that some people are taking money for providing Israeli jobs.
The Minister also presented to the Israeli representatives the requests to open up the opportunities to hire caregivers for jobs in Israel by the private sector as well. Responding the delegation said that the process of recruiting caregivers should be carried out only with the intervention of the Foreign Employment Bureau.

The delegation from the Population and Migration Institution of Israel requested that any information regarding people who are taking money to provide caregiver jobs in Israel should be given to them to take necessary action. They also assured that the security and confidentiality of the persons giving such information will be fully protected. The delegation also assured that maximum action will be taken according to Israeli law against people who take money through the recruitment process.

The minister also mentioned that the safety of workers who leave for work abroad is always a high priority and added that there have been no allegations of harassment of workers who have left for work in Israel. The minister expressed his thanks to Israel in that regard.

In this discussion, the minister also asked the Israeli delegation that since there are many trained professionals in the country for jobs in the agricultural sector, it would be better if they were given an opportunity for that as well. Here, the Israeli delegation stated that they are not able to open jobs in the agricultural sector at this time, and that necessary steps will be taken in the future.

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