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Wrong economic policies stem every crisis: Patali Champika Ranawaka

Every crisis suffered by the people in the present were stemmed by the inaccurate economic policies made by the government, said MP Patali Champika Ranawaka, speaking to the National Conference of the 43rd Brigade (Hathalis Thuna Senankaya) movement this afternoon (23).

The MP alleged that the government is further complicating such crises faced by the people instead of solving them.

The pain of the farmer of being a witness to the yellowish paddy leaves and the pain of the planter of being a witness to the yellowish tea leaves are never felt by the leaders of the government, Ranawaka stressed, adding that these leaders are wasting public funds at will and enjoying luxurious lives.

He noted that 40 per cent of the country’s total revenue was lost due to the huge tax relief given upon the victory of the presidential election and that this was the main reason for many economic problems. The settlement of foreign debt instalments has also become a huge problem, Ranawaka emphasised.

No relief was provided to the general public via the tax reduction but the act has paved the way for the business community to exploit the consumer further, he added.


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