Friday, December 8, 2023

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Obsolete treatment cannot heal country’s wounds (VIDEO)

The problems faced by the country cannot be solved by the implementation of obsolete solutions, said Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa, speaking to the “Sammuthiyata Nidahas Awakashayak” programme organised by the “Medahath Mawatha” Civil Movements Collective to days (22) ago.

The event was graced by many civil, political and social activists.

The country can be saved from the economic abyss it has fallen into by a genuinely sustainable programme, he noted.

He added that the President, the Prime Minister and Parliament cannot build a country via an isolated approach, for the legislature, the executive and the judiciary should exist with the checks and balances system.

The Opposition Leader went on saying that he believes that the country’s problems should be resolved on the basis of social democracy and that the need for a more pragmatic and common agenda has now become more acute unlike ever before. This programme should be practical and honest and can be discussed regularly, he emphasised.

Suggesting that the trajectories for economic development addressed today are not practical, Premadasa stressed that it would be ridiculous to disregard income inequality, which is a burning issue in the country, and speak of economic growth.

In the midst of this calamity, a diplomatic intervention would be vital, the Opposition Leader went on, adding that the ambassadors assigned to Sri Lanka in other countries have a huge responsibility in this regard. Most of these ambassadors, on the other hand, have failed to recognise their role rather pitiably, he noted.

The civil movements must be included in the five main pillars of the country’s development, Premadasa pointed out, adding that the representation of the civil movements would be essential for good and optimal governance.


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