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Sri Lanka to get nuclear power technology from Russia with love

Sri Lanka is determined to go ahead with nuclear power technology with Russian assistance to unwind from the continued power outages and spend quality lives and operate businesses unhindered.

Nuclear power generation in the island nation was discussed since 1980s under auspices of the atomic energy authority headed by Granville Dharmawardena but it was not materialized due to protest of some narrow minded Scientists and CEB engineers with vested interests.

Numerous variables have been taken into account and been carefully considered in order to develop Sri Lanka on par with other South Asian countries and to make it a safer and greener home for future generations

Russia is currently No. 1 in the world for the most concurrent nuclear reactor construction projects, where three units in Russia and 34 units abroad are in various phases of implementation.

Further, being the closest SAARC countries to Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh have also installed nuclear power plants; two in India and one Bangladesh with the help of Russian Technology to support their power systems.

Electricity generation by nuclear power is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than any other energy sources like oil, coal, and gas, with the exception of the initial construction cost.

One of the other advantages of nuclear power is that, unlike traditional power sources, which can fluctuate over time, there is little possibility of cost inflation. This could have a significant positive impact on Sri Lanka’s current situation and lessen the strain on the country’s finances

The Cabinet approved signing the international conventions relating to generating electricity using nuclear power as it was a reliable, low-carbon base load source of electricity to complement renewable energy sources in the future, Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLARB) Chairman Professor S.R. D. Rosa said.

He noted that the country is supposed to have barge-mounted small modular reactors (SMRs) that have a power capacity of up to 100 MW per unit.

Sri Lanka Cabinet of ministers has given the permission to apply for membership in two International Conventions for Nuclear damage, as the island nation explores possibilities of using nuclear power for Energy generation.

Sri Lanka prepared and submitted a self-evaluation report and supporting documents covering all infrastructure issues to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) last year.

After reviewing, IAEA said Sri Lanka needs to further develop its pre-feasibility study on introducing a nuclear power programme.

“The team also noted that Sri Lanka’s Nuclear Energy Programme Implementing Organization should prepare recommendations for the Government to make an informed decision on the nuclear power programme” IAEA said.

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