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Covid: Hospital capacity at brink of crisis amid growing cases

There is indication that the Covid situation is on the rise again could be having some effect on the general treatment of hospitals, warned Deputy Director of the Colombo National Hospital Chandana Gajanayake.

The situation has already affected up to a certain extent on general surgery, he revealed.

Pointing out that the number of people infected with the virus increases simultaneously with the number of patients who become critical ill and require intensive care units, Gajanayake warned that the condition could lead to disruption of normal functioning and even the postponement of essential surgeries.

As of now, a number of health workers have also been infected with Covid and the crisis in the Health Sector may worsen should the number grow. Many hospitals are running out of medical officers as well as nurses and other staff members, so it is imperative to protect them, Gajanayake emphasised.

He added that everyone should act responsibly to prevent the Health Sector from being driven into crisis.


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