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St. John’s College, Dematagoda a horror territory as PTI preys on children?

A staggering revelation has taken the attention of many, as the Physical Training Instructor (PTI) of St. John’s College, Dematagoda is brutally assaults the students studying in the school.

Sisira Mahesh, the college’s PTI, is assaulting the students with his bare hands and feet and by utilisation of clubs and rods, in addition to many barbaric treatments such not allowing them to eat and exposing the children to the sun in various postures, sources disclosed.

His preying on children also involves the beating of very young students to the point of them being fallen to the ground due to being kicked by his feet and a chain of assault as he continues to kick those who are already beaten and on the ground, parents divulged.

This man with ‘predatory’ tendencies treat the students of St. John’s College as animals, they added.

St. John’s College, Dematagoda is a school in Colombo that educates underprivileged children and those of low income families. Parents grieve that they have no knowledge or capacity to consult the National Child Protection Authority of Sri Lanka or the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka against the abuse of their children.

Although the parents of those severely beaten at times come to the school seeking justice, this PTI threatens them not to lodge a complaint with the Police and chases them away, correspondents revealed.

Mahesh the PTI is not a member of the teaching staff and has been given the responsibility of being a ‘disciplinary controller’ by the college’s former Principal. It is in this backdrop is this child predator carrying out this most unlawful and brutal act in force.

Sources further told LNW that the current principal of the school is also backing the PTI in his conduct towards children, who are subjugated to a culture of monstrosity in the guise of ‘discipline’ within the school premises. Several other teachers have also taken on the role of this torture, they added.

It is high time that this most macabre of events inside St. John’s College, Dematagoda be taken to the attention of the authorities, before this monster and his minions take the life of a child or two.

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