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Senaro Motors hands over first locally assembled motorcycles to the President

Forced by import restrictions and encouraged with the introduction of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Local Assembly of Vehicles, a Sri Lankan automotive company has stepped in to motor cycle assembly to cater to the present demand.

The Ministry of Industries has introduced the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Local Assembly of Vehicles and Automotive Component Manufacturing in March 2021 to encourage world renowned brands to locally assemble vehicles.

Taking a cue from this SOP, Senero Motor Company Private Limited has started the GN 125 motor cycle assembling factory in Yakkala with an investment of Rs.1.5 billion

Brand new SENARO GN 125 motorcycles were donated to the President’s Office yesterday morning (15).

President Ranil Wickremesinghe was officially given the keys and accompanying documents by Senaro Motor Corporation Managing Director Roshana Waduge.

The newly built assembly factory in the Yakkala area has been producing the SENARO GN 125 motorcycle with 35% value addition through locally produced spare parts, due to efforts of Senaro Motor Company Pvt. Ltd and it will be increased to 50 percent soon, according to Roshan Waduge head of Senero Motors. .

The company has invested Rs. 1.5 billion in this venture, with the full financial support of the Bank of Ceylon. The goal is to increase the value addition to 50% in the near future and create more than 160 direct job opportunities.

The motor cycle assembly venture will create 160 employment opportunities for youths with necessary motor mechanic skills.

The company has already received orders for more than 160 motor cycles from prospective buyers up now and it has appointed dealers country wide to market the new GN 125, he said.

Orginal Suzuki brand GN 125 motorcycle is considered as the best learner/commuter motorcycle in Sri Lanka and many other countries, industry sources said.

This GN 125 motorcycle production was started by the Suzuki Company from the year 1994 (up to 2021).

After 2021 there was no message from the Suzuki about this four stroke engine fitted model’s availability in many parts of the world, a spokesman of the motor industry said.

Its 125 cc engine can produce 13 HP max power at 9500 rpm. Currently the Suzuki GN 125 Bike is available as second hand or used motorcycle in many countries.

Some motor traders say the production of Suzuki GN 125 motorcycle in Japan was discontinued.

In Sri Lanka due to Government’s vehicle import ban this motorcycle is not available officially. Although there are some of the Suzuki GN 125 motorbikes are available for sale as old stock.

They are available as unregistered motorcycles from the seller in Sri Lanka. Moreover there are many Chinese made fake Suzuki GN 125 Motorcycles are marketed in Sri Lanka. And people also buy this too, he claimed.

As there was no more official production coming from Japan, industry sources say that these bikes could be previously manufactured and kept in ware houses in India or in China.

Now they are being sold in Sri Lanka through paper advertisements by individuals. Newspaper advertisements claimed that they are Brand New Suzuki GN 125 motorcycles available for sale in the country.

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