Monday, June 17, 2024

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Update: Noticeable developments at VFS Colombo, following LNW report!

Colombo (LNW): Our earlier report on certain bad experiences by the Visa applicants were not limited to VFS Office for Japanese Visa. We just reported a first hand experience encountered at the Japanese Visa Centre. Simultaneously there were similar stories of bad experiences at other offices too. We simply do not want our own people looking down on our own Sri Lankans ridiculing and harassing them sarcastically.

However to be fair by the VFS Japanese Centre. We experienced a drastic change of attitudes by the staff there when the same party went there to collect their Passports after processing the Visa. Starting from the security, Reception and the Lady who was manning the passport Collection counter was extremely courteous and well mannered. Even the other counters who accepting Visa applications were  observed,  working with a smile and politeness. This is exactly what we expect from a servicing agency. 

Gone are the rudeness, arrogance and sarcasm, we were quite shocked to experience the contrast attitude with in a weeks time. Maybe overall staff may have got a good shelling and a proper training & instructions to serve in the service industry.

We too are quite happy to know that there are proper Visa centres operating in our island with a human touch so any Sri Lankan could walk in there to obtain their Visa requirements. 

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