Sunday, June 4, 2023

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Airport Customs’ denial of truth unravels greater mismanagement

Colombo (LNW): Following the social media outrage on LNW’s report that the CCTV camera system at the Airport Customs is not working, many responses have been made, but need we inform that the matter is still being investigated.

These CCTV cameras were reported to be non-operational in line with the ongoing trade union actions against the government’s policies, but a Customs trade union officer told LNW that no such issue occurs at the Airport Customs and that the CCTV cameras are working as required.

Nonetheless, the Airport Customs’ denial on the matter happens to have unravelled a greater form of mismanagement inside the Customs as well as the Airport, sources disclosed.

Querying into the matter, we learned that both Airport administration and the Customs are operating in a mismanaged manner and there is no eagerness to rectify the problem.

Needless to mention that such occurrences case so much inconvenience to the local and foreign customers who require service at the Airport.

Officials responsible should understand that this is a public service and act immediately to rectify the matter.

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