Sunday, June 4, 2023

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Public Security Minister Chairs Dispersal Ceremony for 189 Sub-Inspectors

Under the chairmanship of Sri Lanka’s Minister of Public Security, Mr. Tiran Alles, a dispersal ceremony was conducted on April 20, 2023, for 189 sub-inspectors who had completed their training at the Katukurunda Police Training College. Of the 189 sub-inspectors, 167 were male sub-inspectors, while 22 were women sub-inspectors.

During the ceremony, Minister Alles emphasized the importance of the new police officers’ responsibility to contribute to peace in the country and to avoid becoming victims of corrupt individuals during their careers.

The Minister acknowledged that challenges would arise in the officers’ careers, particularly when dealing with individuals involved in the underworld and drug-related activities. He warned the sub-inspectors to never become victims of such individuals and to remain vigilant and focused on their duties.

He also acknowledged that corrupt individuals could be found in any institution, including the police, armed forces, or government institutions. Minister Alles urged the new officers to remain steadfast and avoid falling victim to corrupt practices.

He went on to invite the newly-dismissed sub-inspectors to participate in the government’s programs aimed at eliminating drugs and the underworld in the country.

The dispersal ceremony was conducted with the goal of ensuring that only qualified and dedicated individuals serve in the Sri Lankan police force. The government’s efforts to root out corruption and maintain law and order in the country are ongoing, and the dismissal of the 189 sub-inspectors is just one step in this process.

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