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Dr. Palitha Kohona declares open a centre to develop Chinese and Sri Lankan Traditional Medicine

Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona declared open a centre to promote cooperation between Chinese and Sri Lankan Traditional Medicine in Wudangshan at a conference of TCM practitioners. Wudangshan is a key centre of the Daoist tradition of China and many assert that the Dao philosophy is a central influence in China’s traditional medicine system. Daoism advocates a holistic approach to life and balanced lifestyle. 

Many of the traditional medicine practitioners participating in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference in Wudangshan were Davoists. Wudangshan is visited by thousands of the faithful. In a touching display of religious fervour, the very old and the very young climb the steep steps to the sacred temple of Xuanwu at the top of Wudang Mountain. The current temple was built during the Ming Dynasty.

The Ambassador, addressing the Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference, elaborated on Sri Lanka’s traditional medicine and said that this tradition has a history of more than 3,000 years. Many Chinese people were unaware that traditional medicine, like in China, plays a huge role in the people’s daily lives and many Sri Lankans still rely on age old remedies which are effective.

As close friends, China and Sri Lanka already cooperate in many other areas of mutual interest  and cooperation in traditional medicine further strengthens this.

Dr. Kohona hoped that more and more practitioners of Chinese Traditional Medicine will be part of the cooperation between traditional medicine of China and Sri Lanka, so as to provide a wider range of health care benefits to both Sri Lankans and Chinese and bring new opportunities in healthcare tourism in the two countries.

Dr. Kohona went on to say that tourism attractions of Sri Lanka are not limited to healthcare. Ceylon black tea and the tea covered mountains, its own tea culture, gems especially the blue sapphires, wedding and honeymoon tours, the two thousand year old Buddhist culture and monuments that are still visited by thousands, business investment opportunities are also worth visiting. The Ambassador also invited the Shiyan City commercial vehicle industry to consider opening a branch plant in Sri Lanka. 

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