Sunday, June 4, 2023

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Government Considers Lifting Maximum Retail Price Imposed on Eggs

The Sri Lankan government is considering lifting the maximum retail price (MRP) on eggs to address the prevailing shortage in the local market. This proposal was discussed at a meeting held at the Prime Minister’s Office with the participation of respective officials, egg producers, and poultry farmers.

The meeting was chaired by the Presidential Secretary, along with the secretaries to the Agriculture Ministry and Trade Ministry. The egg producers and poultry farmers have pointed out that removing the MRP imposed on eggs would resolve the shortage in the local market within 15 days.

In response, Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera has indicated that he will consider submitting a proposal seeking the removal of the MRP on eggs to the Cabinet of Ministers soon.

The imposition of the MRP on eggs was implemented by the government in an effort to control prices and ensure affordability for consumers. However, this move has had the unintended consequence of creating a shortage of eggs in the local market, leading to price hikes and inconveniences for consumers.

The government’s decision to consider lifting the MRP on eggs is a positive step towards resolving the current shortage in the local market. The removal of the MRP would also enable egg producers and poultry farmers to sell their products at market prices, which would incentivize them to increase production and address the shortage in the long run.

The government is expected to review the proposal and take necessary action to resolve the issue of egg shortage in the local market.

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