Sunday, June 4, 2023

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International Workers’ Day today

By: Isuru Parakrama

Colombo (LNW): The International Workers’ Day, also known as the Labour Day, is globally celebrated on May 1 of every year remembering the labourers and the working class who contributed to the labour movement.

The International Workers’ Day is celebrated in memory of the labour struggle at Haymarket Square in Chicago, USA in May 1886 demanding that the working day be limited to eight (08) hours.

The significant reddish theme for the Labour Day marks the first march walked by labours who wore the shirts soaked with blood worn by protesters who were shot to death during the struggle.

The worker’s struggle is a ceaseless battle demanding better living conditions for the working class despite the world being throttled into a technologically advanced era driven by money.

In Sri Lanka, the mainstream political parties and trade unions are set to celebrate the International Workers’ Day by holding marches and rallies today.

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