Sunday, June 4, 2023

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Public Health Inspectors’ Union Warns of Potential Health Crisis as Covid-19 Testing Lags

The Public Health Inspectors’ Union (PHIU) has issued a dire warning about an impending health crisis due to the lack of Covid-19 testing at the grassroots level. In a special statement today (May 17), PHIU President Upul Rohana stressed the urgent need for the public to adhere to health guidelines to safeguard their own safety.

Rohana highlighted that there is a widespread viral illness, including cases suspected to be Covid-19, particularly within schools and other institutions, resembling an epidemic. He emphasized that responsible action is crucial at this moment.

It is imperative to revisit and strictly follow the previously introduced Covid-19 prevention guidelines, such as frequent handwashing, maintaining respiratory hygiene, limiting unnecessary gatherings, and wearing face masks, Rohana emphasized. These measures will help protect individuals’ health.

Expressing concern, Rohana stated that there is currently no reliable system to confirm cases at the grassroots level, leaving uncertainty about whether the situation is due to Covid-19 infections or has the potential to escalate into an epidemic catastrophe. The infection is only confirmed when patients are hospitalized or in cases of fatalities, leading to suspicions that Covid-19 may be spreading to some extent at the community level.

In light of this, strict adherence to all previously issued health guidelines is paramount for safeguarding lives, Rohana asserted. It is crucial for both the public and authorities to address the testing backlog promptly to accurately identify and manage Covid-19 cases, mitigating the risk of a widespread health crisis.

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