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Sri Lanka Original Narrative Summary: 21/05

01. President Ranil Wickremesinghe instructs the immediate establishment of an Agricultural Modernisation Secretariat to address the issues arising in the Agricultural Modernisation Programme; further instructs to appoint additional secretaries from the President’s Office, Ministry of Agriculture, and other line ministries, along with officials of equivalent ranks, to serve in the Secretariat; assures the armed forces are also contributing to the programme.

02. The Inter-University Students Federation appoints Madhushan Chandrajith of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Peradeniya as its new Convener.

03. The Sri Lankan Army under the leadership of Army Spokesman Brigadier Ravi Herath provides essential support to the Anti-Dengue Task Force: Their activities include conducting thorough dengue inspections and contributing to the fight against the disease.

04. Four Police personnel interdicted with three others transferred over the death of a 41-year old woman who was in Police custody: The deceased was arrested on May 11, 2023 based on a complaint made by the deceased employer, claiming that she had stolen gold jewellery.

05. The AG’s Office announced that Sri Lanka will honour the compensation limit claim ruling issued by a UK Court, despite having filed a lawsuit in Singapore seeking compensation for the eco-damages caused by the X-Press Pearl Maritime Disaster; adds it intends to submit a motion to the London Court concerning the compensation limit claim and seek expert advice from legal professionals in the UK.

06. Japan’s Upper House Lawmaker Mizuho Umemura dismissed from a parliamentary committee after making a controversial remark involving the death of a Sri Lankan woman at an immigration facility two years ago: The victim, Wishma Sandamali, was found dead in March 2021 at Nagoya Regional Immigration Services Bureau after repeatedly pleading to authorities to be taken to a hospital as she was ill: Umemura without proof claimed she may have died ‘as a result of a hunger strike.’

07. State Minister Rohana Dissanayake accused of posing death threats to a manager of the SLTB depot in the Matale District over the deployment of a bus on the route that runs to Laggala, Weligama, Mahiyangana through Ratthota – Riverston, Matale: The said bus was deployed based on a request by State Minister Pramitha Bandara Tennakoon for the convenience of school children and residents of the area.

08. Sri Lanka’s tea production despite hopes of a turnaround with fertiliser records increased exports in the first four months of 2023: January – April, 2023 earnings have increased sharply by 11% to US$ 407 million compared to US$ 367 million in the corresponding period a year earlier: April earnings alone have increased by 16% to US$ 93 million compared to US$ 80 million in the corresponding period a year earlier.

09. The Indian government agrees to promote and strengthen renewable energy sector cooperation between India and Sri Lanka: Cabinet grants approval to enter into a MoU between the two nations with regard to energy sector cooperation: Public and private entities in both India and Sri Lanka to work on this project.

10. Sri Lanka Football Captain Sujan Perera says he will step down from his position after FIFA’s ban on Sri Lanka Football is lifted; accuses the past and present administrations of not focusing on protecting the players; adds his services as a player will be available until he retires and will consider his decision if the administration takes relevant steps to protect the players.

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