Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Proposal for Removal of MP Ali Sabri Raheem Circulated Following Arrest for Undeclared Gold and Smartphones

In a recent development, a proposal to remove Puttalam district MP Ali Sabri Raheem from his position has emerged after his arrest on charges of possessing undeclared gold and smartphones. The proposal was reportedly tabled during a party leader’s meeting held yesterday (25 May).

Initially presented by Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M. A. Sumanthiran, the proposal gained affirmation from Opposition MP Lakshman Kiriella. Notably, representatives of the ruling party also expressed their agreement with the proposition.

The party leaders reached a consensus that MP Raheem, who has been embroiled in controversy, should be urged to resign from his post through a proposal endorsed by all Members of Parliament.

Raheem’s arrest took place at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in Katunayake on 23 May. Customs officials discovered approximately 3.5kg of undeclared gold and 91 mobile phones in his possession upon his return to the island from overseas.

Following the discovery, Raheem was subjected to a fine of Rs. 7.5 million, which he promptly paid. He was subsequently released, while the undeclared gold and mobile phones were confiscated by the authorities.

The proposal for Raheem’s removal from his parliamentary role reflects the growing concern surrounding his alleged involvement in the possession of undisclosed items. As the matter gains momentum, the call for accountability resonates across party lines, with politicians from both the opposition and the ruling party supporting his resignation.

The future of MP Ali Sabri Raheem now hinges on the outcome of this proposal, which serves as a critical juncture in his political career. Should the majority of Members of Parliament support his removal, it would mark a significant shift in the dynamics of the Puttalam district’s political representation. The subsequent events are sure to shape the trajectory of Raheem’s standing within the political landscape of Sri Lanka.

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