Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Labour Minister expresses displeasure over working policy of arbitrators for labour disputes

Labour Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva speaking to a function recently held at the Labour Department expressed his displeasure over the working policy of the arbitrators of labour disputes under the Ministry of Labour.

The process of arbitration is carried out under the Industrial Disputes Act No. 43 of 1950.

Silva reminded that the arbitration process should be used to resolve various issues between employees and employers, adding that nevertheless, the process should be concluded expeditiously should justice be served to the working people.

Some arbitrators had taken the files pertaining to the arbitration process and kept them in their possession for undue periods without completing the work, the Minister revealed, adding that such situations had caused great injustice and prejudice to the working people.

In the backdrop, some arbitrators have delayed the arbitration process, while others have delayed the declaration of the final decision of the arbitration, Silva noted.

The Labour Minister, therefore, promised that he wishes to amend the Industrial Disputes Act expeditiously so that the arbitrators who are in possession of the files related to their disputes for undue periods delaying the settlement can be prosecuted under the Public Property Act.

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