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Sri Lanka Army Doctors Achieve Guinness World Record for Largest Kidney Stone Removal

June 1, 2023: In a remarkable medical feat, Sri Lanka Army doctors successfully performed a major surgery to remove the world’s largest and heaviest kidney stone (calculus), earning a coveted place in the Guinness World Records.

Led by Consultant Urologist Lieutenant Colonel Dr. K. Sutharshan, Head of the Genito Urinary Unit at the Colombo Army Hospital, the surgical team, including Captain (Dr) W.P.S.C Pathirathna and Dr. Thamasha Premathilaka, undertook the complex procedure. Consultant Anaesthetists Colonel Dr. U.A.L.D Perera and Colonel Dr. C.S Abeysinghe also made significant contributions during the surgery.

The colossal kidney stone, measuring 13.372cm in length and weighing 801g, was successfully removed during the procedure conducted at the Colombo Army Hospital on Thursday.

Shortly after the surgery, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage, the Commander of the Army, was shown the extracted stone (calculus) at the Army Headquarters by Major General P.A.C Fernando USP, the Director General of Army Health Services, and Lieutenant Colonel Dr. K. Sutharshan, the Head of the Genito Urinary Unit at the Colombo Army Hospital, who led the surgical team.

The Guinness World Records recognition comes as the previous largest kidney stone, discovered in India in 2004, measured 13cm, while the heaviest kidney stone found in Pakistan in 2008 weighed 620g, according to existing records.

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