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Assault on Medical Students: Arundika Fernando says he will resign from his post if anyone proves he is involved in the attack

Arundika Fernando, State Minister of Coconut, Kitul, Palmyrah Development, and Allied Industrial Products Production and Export Diversification says that he will definitely resign from the post of Minister if he proves that he is involved in the attack on a group of students at the Ragama Medical Faculty hostel.

This incident took place on the night of the 1st. I actually found out about this morning. Then I heard that a vehicle belonging to the Coconut Development Authority was involved in this and a driver who was on duty was also involved in this. In this case, I want to say directly that if any of our officers is involved in this, I will not hesitate to take disciplinary action against them in an investigation. Now, if someone has taken this vehicle and done something wrong to these children, I will definitely intervene and carry out the investigation.

And if someone says I’m involved in this, do an investigation. If they prove that I’m involved in this, I will definitely resign from my post. I have never been named in the police, and I have never done anything wrong. That is my political life. I request at this time His Excellency the President to conduct a fair inquiry into this matter and if I am found guilty in that fair inquiry I will inevitably resign.

There is another side to this. A child of a Specialist doctor who opposed ragging has been beaten like this. I have heard that these other people are involved in the attack. So I say again this time, both these sides have facts. We have to settle the matter after considering both sides. I urge the media to look at the facts from both sides and give the right information to the people. Because I definitely will resign from the ministry if it is proved I’m involved in this.”

Minister Arundika Fernando stated this while expressing his views to the media yesterday (02).

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