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National United LITRO Guardianship urges President not to restructure LITRO

By: Isuru Parakrama

Colombo (LNW): In light of the organisational structure and the socio-economic benefits delivered by LITRO Gas, restructuring the state-owned LP gas vendor, which is so far the only state-owned body that incurs profits, would not be timely accurate, emphasised the National United LITRO Guardianship, in a letter addressed to President Ranil Wickremesinghe today (13).

Despite halted operations for a period of about three months during last year’s economic crisis, LITRO Gas defended the market, the manufacturer and the customer alike as the island nation’s LP gas provider, the Union said in its letter.

In the backdrop, it would be questionable as to whether LITRO, which always stood up for the customer in every national crisis in Sri Lanka, should be subject to restructuring thereby being submissive to private acquisition, the National United LITRO Guardianship added.

Below is the full letter sent to President Wickremesinghe by the National United LITRO Guardianship elaborating as to why the state-owned LP gas vendor shall not be restructured.

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