Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Sri Lankan Rupee Holds Steady Against US Dollar at Commercial Banks

The Sri Lankan Rupee has maintained its stability against the US Dollar at commercial banks in Sri Lanka today (July 19), showing minimal fluctuations compared to the previous day.

At Peoples Bank, the buying and selling rates for the US Dollar remain unchanged at Rs. 314.34 and Rs. 329.80, respectively.

Commercial Bank reports a slight decrease in the buying rate of the US Dollar, moving from Rs. 315.99 to Rs. 315.22, while the selling rate remains steady at Rs. 327.50.

Sampath Bank, on the other hand, maintains the same buying and selling rates for the US Dollar at Rs. 315 and Rs. 328, respectively.

The steady performance of the Sri Lankan Rupee against the US Dollar indicates a stable exchange rate environment at commercial banks, providing stability and confidence in foreign currency transactions.

While fluctuations may occur in the currency market, the current rates demonstrate a relative stability in the exchange rate between the Sri Lankan Rupee and the US Dollar.

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