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AG tells Court two-thirds majority and referendum required to reconvene LG bodies

By: Isuru Parakrama

Colombo (LNW): A two-thirds majority in Parliament and a referendum will be required to reconvene the Local Government bodies, were the private MP’s bill tabled by Ruling Party MP Jayantha Ketagoda to be considered, the Attorney General’s Department told the Supreme Court today (24).

This was when the petitions filed against Ketagoda’s private bill were taken up before the Supreme Court bench today.

The Additional Solicitor appearing for the AG’s Office told the Court that the provisions of the Constitution of Sri Lanka are being violated through certain clauses in the bill presented by the MP seeking amendments to the Municipal Ordinances on urban councils and municipal councils.

27 petitions were filed before the Supreme Court demanding that a verdict be produced that the provisions contained in the bill in question are in violation of the Constitution.

The bill in question tabled by Ruling Party MP Jayantha Ketagoda met with immediate backlash from a number of concerned parties, including civil movements and the Opposition, alleging that certain politicians publicly disowned not very long ago are still pulling the strings behind the curtain to regain power.

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