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Mrs. India Inc pageant accomplishes quest for success in Sri Lanka

By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): The finale week of the First-ever internationally held Mrs. India Inc Season 04 in Sri Lanka concluded recently with great success and glory with pleasant memories among contestants and local and foreign fans specially Indians.

At a press briefing held last week, Mrs. India Inc Director Mohini Sharma, along with the winner and the first four runner-ups of the competition spoke on their experience of the pageant finale week held in Sri Lanka from 13 to 19 July.

The grand finale was held at Nelum Pokuna while Cinnamon Grand hosted the contestants. Sharma spoke on her decision to hold the finale in Sri Lanka expressing her desire to internationally highlight the Mrs. India participants’ potential of winning the global pageant.

She added that due to organizing the event in a foreign country, most supporters of the contestants were absent from the audience at the event which initially seemed discouraging to the participants.

“But the experience we would give to the contestants was beautiful, it was a change of vibe and energy we all needed. Having new experiences, learning new things, meeting new people and trying new cuisine added up to the whole experience,” she explained.

Sharma as well as the winners of the competition commended the hospitality and support received by the country, noting that the pageant was held in Sri Lanka without challenges due to it.

“This year’s edition of Mrs. India is truly a special one and a milestone of r extraordinary journey. We have successfully taken our pageant to the international stage here in Sri Lanka, showcasing the talent, cultural diversity and beauty of women from all around India

“We are all thoroughly impressed by the brand of hospitality Sri Lanka has extended, and we are confident our paths will inevitably intertwine in the near future,” said Sharma.

The grand finale witnessed the crowning of Chethana Joshi Tiwari as Mrs. India for the year 2023 and also saw the crowning of Disha Shetty, Sohini Rohra, Nikita Satya and Roohi Marjara as first, second, third and fourth runner-ups respectively. The winners will have the prestigious opportunity to represent India at the global pageants later in the year.

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