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Uncertain Tomorrow of the Asia Rugby Journey..?

Colombo (LNW): It appears that a group of people who consider rugby as part of their heritage are attempting to control its dissemination across the country. They seek to impose censorship on its inherent nature and widespread accessibility.

However, their efforts to achieve this control are being challenged by an individual from the countryside who gained recognition in a society where wealth and power are symbols of status. Despite the initial praise, their influence and power seem to be diminishing over time and are becoming less visible in today’s society.

It is according to the faith of the law and country. Although there is no shortage of those who make the law a law, we have also experienced situations where it is not so. At present, there are doubts emerging about the possibility that this might be the final endeavor.

We can see that the motives of theft are now driving them to the point of profit prospects to the extent that it is difficult for any person or his or her posterity to live with a conscience. Therefore, a sense of distrust has taken root in the minds of the people, leading to doubt in everything.

The most fitting punishment for the Rugby administration is not power struggle. The goal they set at the beginning of their hard work was to take the game of Rugby to an Asian tournament medal. What is now required is either a delay in the fair judgment of law and justice or the creation of an opportunity for it. This matter is felt at a minor level by the elites of the upper class. Whatever any contribution made to the country by a group outside their own class is only considered relevant by the elites if it has a connection to their own class.

Currently, the court has ordered the minister, the ministry secretary, and the director of the development department, instructing them not to interfere with Ruby’s independence. Therefore, they had to maintain silence on the matter. Despite the possibility that the decision might render the minister’s actions invalid, the Stabilization Committee is determined to cling to power and is reluctant to step down from their positions. Like they are trying to hold on to it without coming down from its seats.

That’s because the decision to suspend the power of the Stabilization Committee, which should be read directly in one part of the decision about, is not included in the words.

The court’s decision to postpone it until August 4 also suggests that the court’s attention has not been directed towards the Asian Games. Also, it is essential to consider that despite the Court of Appeal’s order not to influence the Minister, the Stabilization Committee has not resigned from their positions. They have stated their intention to challenge the decision and take certain matters to the Supreme Court even after the ruling.

Reconsideration is needed because the court, despite ordering the Minister not to exert pressure on Rugby, delayed signing the rest of the decision after the Stabilization Committee, appointed by the minister, declared their intention to take the matter to the Supreme Court.

It is crucial to utilize whatever profession we pursue for the betterment of the country, regardless of whether it is law, medicine, or any other occupation or public service. As citizens, our conditions and status are closely tied to the responsibilities entrusted to us based on the extent of decision-making authority we hold. When individuals are entrusted with more power and authority, they also possess the capacity to serve across a broader scope and influence a larger segment of the society.

The issue at hand seems to be primarily based on the judicial process. It is crucial that the principles of law and justice are applied in a manner that prioritizes the well-being of the country and its citizens.

One of the essential purposes of the law is to eliminate barriers and obstacles from doing well and contributing positively to the progress of the country. In certain instances, we do not strongly believe the situations that do not do so in the hope of future profits. But we believe that there may be. It is not believed that several times the higher political power tied the foot of the Rugby journey while tying it up and release was done by the law itself.
Professionals in the country may gain physical benefits from participating in injustices, but the most difficult aspect is not how society perceives them, but the personal burden they carry and shame.

If everyone prioritizes the welfare of the country, the National Olympic Committee is working on behalf of the Sri Lankan team participating in the Asia Cup through the International Olympic Committee on legal grounds and not with the Stabilization Committee. They should be responsible for dealing with the Rugby Union, which is the governing body for rugby in Sri Lanka.

It is extremely important to understand this situation. It appears that anyone attempting to obstruct the pursuit of the medal goal would be perceived by society as traitors lacking love for rugby, the country, or the country’s sport.

Time is increasing its severity and impact, but can ensure that not diminishing it. More important than deciding whether or not to betray generations is to avoid facing the disgust they feel in themselves and those close to them for complicity in preventing the Asian tour.
We have a responsibility to contribute positively and refrain from spreading negative things that can harm or have a detrimental impact on the community. Because there is no doubt that its bad effects will also affect us.

It seems that the responsibility for preventing or hindering the journey of Sri Lankan rugby, which is on track to achieve results in the next 40 days and prepare for the Asian medal, lies not with the referees on the field but with the judges in the court. It is a normal situation.

As citizens of the country, it is our responsibility to take legal and prompt actions to ensure justice and protect the achievements of the country. If on a day in history participates in a tournament and does not win a medal, it will not be talked about for long. But if it is not possible to participate in a tournament or an opportunity is missed, it will affect future generations as well, and it will pass from generation to generation as a mistake.

*Adapted from original article, “ආසියානු රගර් ගමනේ අවිනිශ්චිත හෙට දවස…?” published on 29.07.2023

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