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PSC to summon bodies responsible for controlling and eradicating drug menace

As it is important to properly understand the current situation in the country, as a basic step to control and eradicate the drug menace immediately, it was decided to summon all relevant institutions and discuss the matter in the ‘Select Committee of Parliament to look into and identify the mechanisms to be implemented in order to immediately control and eradicate the rapidly spreading drug menace in the country and to submit observations and recommendations to Parliament in that regard’. 

This decision was taken July (27) when the first meeting of the said committee was held under the chairmanship of Minister Tiran Alas.

Accordingly, the Sri Lanka Police, the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board and the National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol should be summoned before the committee to hold a wide discussion in this regard and identify the current situation, said the chairman of the committee, Minister Tiran Alas.

Accordingly, it was decided to summon the relevant institutions before the committee on August 10.

In addition to this, the need to establish a strategic plan for the immediate control and eradication of the drug menace and the need for coordination between the agencies working in this regard was also emphasised.

MPs Jayantha Samaraweera, Dr Upul Galappathi and Upul Mahendra Rajapaksa were present in this committee. Also, Acting Secretary General of Parliament Hansa Abeyratne and Director of Legislative Services and Director of Communications (Acting) H.E Janakantha Silva were also present.

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