Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Bakery Owners Association says it no longer involves in controlling the prices of bakery products

In the on and off surge in the fuel prices and the prices of inputs used for bakery products, it has become difficult to determine the prices of bakery products including bread, said the Bakery Owners Association.

In the backdrop the Union will no longer be interfering in determining the prices of bakery products, it added.

The Union made this observation in response to the government’s decision to surge fuel prices since midnight yesterday (20).

The Bakery Owners Association added that from now on the prices of bakery products will be determined based on the supply and demand.

Accordingly, the bakery owners will be given the opportunity to predict the prices based on the said criteria, it added.

Suggestions have been made that there should be a revision the prices of bakery products and other food items as well as bus fares following the fuel price hike.

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