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We are in a society where freedom of expression is being completely deprived – Fr. Cyril Gamini

We are living in a society where freedom of speech and expression is being completely deprived, says Fr. Cyril Gamini, Media Spokesman for the Archdiocese of Colombo.

“The CID had summoned for questioning a person who had commented on a video of my statement about the Easter attack that had been posted on the Internet. Freedom of speech and expression is an internationally recognized fundamental human right. We live in a society where a person completely loses the right to express his opinion, ideas and criticism.

When a person expresses his opinion, he is brought to the CID, taken to the police and interrogated, anyone could become nervous to express his opinion in public. It is our right to say that the victims of the Easter attack, deserve justice. If that does not happen then it is our right to express our views in public. Everyone should respect that right.

Therefore, I do not think it is appropriate for a democratic country to waste the time of the police and the CID by bringing in and harassing these innocent people. If people who leave a comment are brought to the police and started questioning, I think the police and the CID will have no time to do other work. So there is more important work. We keep calling for a proper investigation into this Easter attack. That is more important. ”

Father Cyril Gamini said this while commenting on a Facebook comment regarding the summoning of a person to the CID yesterday (05).

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