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Rugby, Law and Patriotism

Colombo (LNW): The recent past of Sri Lanka rugby has been marked by the loved ones involved striving to steer the sport in a new direction. It is in the midst of various obstacles. Despite the obstacles, Sri Lanka Rugby has gone ahead upholding the law free from fraud or corruption. Consequently, politicians and those who lacked support from rugby enthusiasts joined forces to create various hurdles, attempting to impede its progress.

They deprived the sport of valuable time to progress and thrive. But in the the limited time available, In their short time they had through the space created by the law, they managed to achieve what others had not accomplished. In that brief timeframe, they successfully forged international relations. Efficiently organized and led all the tournaments. Through their efforts, they elevated the team’s talent to the level of the best international performers. Also, they did not back down of the international community and steadfastly safeguarding their independence.

Indeed, such is the truth. However, despite being interpreted as Ranil Wickramasinghe’s government, the helm of this is a group of representatives which is thought of as localism, viewing it as a means to secure support from Sinhala Buddhist voters.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is a puppet on strings, he knows that the power of his leadership rests on its power. In the Rugby issue, they could not handle these puppets only the courts. It is not implausible to think that some pressures were not give on the judges who upheld supremacy in the matter. But when considering the facts related to certain judge tragedies in history, has shown us instances where individuals dedicated to upholding humanity, fairness, and justice have worked diligently to keep the law at the forefront, valuing it as a blessing above any unjust pursuit.

By upholding the independence of the law, Sri Lanka Rugby has managed to overcome various obstacles and free itself from debt. Indeed, despite the challenges and opposition faced, the minority power within Sri Lankan Rugby, which has been marginalized by the Sinhala Buddhist government, has persevered and continued to progress. Main blessing that Sri Lankan Rugby received to do some work withstood pressure from international associations and government officials who sought to influence the sport outside the boundaries of the constitution.

It is believed in one reason that the stories being spread about different parties trying to influence and undermine the independence of Sri Lankan Rugby are not true. It is because it is thought that the supremacy of law will work to retain the honor and independence of the venerable judiciary rather than burying it in the mud. It is like a blooming lotus in a swamp.

The administration of Asian Rugby, the influence of political authorities, Government officials who may be perceived as puppets, and the individuals around Rugby who have lost their popularity and confidence to the extent that they cannot even enter the administration of Sri Lanka Rugby through by election are poses a challenge.

That challenge is, to be the removal of the current president, who is believed to be responsible for the success of Sri Lanka Rugby, from his position. It comes with words. The sports minister who has become a Picasso of irresponsible use of words, often seen as irresponsible and lacking finesse. However, despite his prominent role, he is not considered a subject expert in the field of sports. Instead, the individuals he consults and relies upon for expertise are often viewed as “Arrears coverers”.

The Asia president also not reveals the reason for the accusations against the current president of Sri Lanka Rugby. And also, there is no formal investigation into the accusations against the current president of Sri Lanka Rugby. The Asia president is using their power arbitrarily without proper accountability or transparency. Asanga Senaviratne, a close one of the president and a former rugby president, appears to be disinterested in interests in this matter. The reason for analysis of the root cause of the problem is just because he is also in the analysis.

The root cause of the political and Asia crisis in Sri Lankan Rugby is believed to stem from the appointment of Asanga Senaviratne as the chairman of a rugby advisory committee alongside the Asia chairman, during Namal Rajapaksa’s tenure as the sports minister.

During Asanga Senaviratne’s tenure as president, a significant mistake was made by employing foreign players to play in Sri Lanka, leading to serious repercussions. Sri Lanka Rugby 50000 pounds fine which is still being paid today. So the Asia President and Sports Minister is the one who appoints the Sri Lanka Rugby Administration as the head of the Sri Lanka Rugby Administration influencing the power and independence of the Rugby Administration in the Sri Lanka Rugby Constitution.

As an extension of this, in a private conversation between the Asia president and the Sri Lanka Rugby president, the Sri Lanka Rugby president blamed the Asia president and the Asia president arbitrarily used his power to impose a ban on the Sri Lanka Rugby president. If the current sports minister is using parliamentary privileges to unfairly criticize the president of Sri Lanka Rugby and spreading baseless accusations that he is a traitor who should be deported from the country, it raises serious concerns about the misuse of power.

At the conclusion of this story, we now propose the proposal of a very simple man. That is, instead of leading directly, according to the law as well as the administration he took over, to the development and expansion of sports amid a thousand obstacles, to bring the players’ talents to the top, and to reduce the debt burden, if the sports minister of this country brands himself as a treason that should be deported from the country, the powers of the law that he has If the quoted passages are taken back and prohibitory orders are brought, t use a bull instead of a human being to getting involved with such degenerate people he should stay away .

Otherwise, instead of going on this journey with people who think that obeying the law is a stain on their pride, instead of going on this journey with people who think that obeying the law means killing their personal grudges, the chairman’s own vision should be put forward.

If not, the people who do not have the confidence and popularity of the Rugby field and the Asia president will also allow the sports minister to speak in the parliament about a patriot who can be deported to another country.

It is not a good sight for the international community to look at a political agenda that is dividing the common people of the country into races and religions even now from the perspective of the President of the National Olympic Committee. The sports minister does not understand that. Or the people are rejecting these actions in their politics as if they still think that the tribal society that existed when Gotabhaya came to the presidency is still there.

The Sports Minister’s spreading of rumors about the Rugby chairman as a traitor who should be deported from the country is both unprofessional and divisive. What the minister should have done is to think about what the problem is and find the reasons for that problem.

Has the Asia president influence the Sri Lankan rugby constitution outside? Is it right for the Asia President to make appointments as an influence instead of suggesting things to be administered together with the country’s politician? Should the approval or non-approval of these be considered as treason that should be deported from the country?

That’s the simple fact.

The issue revolves from there. If not, has Rugby not been transparent about the financial management of the administration? Are there allegations of sexual bribery? Was there an allegation of inefficiency, such as not organizing tournaments that should have been held? Has Rugby finances been in an unusual downward spiral? Are there any audit errors?

Such a reason usually affects in the banning of a sports association or federation. But that is the only charge left to present as the problem for the current rugby president.

The Stabilization Committee that has been appointed is also currently reading about the voting sports clubs in the Constitution, but the shape and which of the voting sports clubs is not a matter that came up yesterday. It is a question that should be presented to the rugby administration and resolved within the rugby community by obtaining the majority required by the constitution.

They are still trying efforts are ongoing to prevent Sri Lanka from participating in the Asian tournament by raising various issues, including legal matters, and leaving them unresolved in court due to court orders not to interfere with the minister.

If such a situation goes down in history, it is more likely that the country will get a medal, because it can be a reason to further widen the denial of the name of the current administration. The argument of the sports minister’s patriotism does not affect it. He is biting the snakes that he himself nurtured in his power to add to history that he won a medal during the sports minister’s time.

Looking at all this, there is nothing left here at the end except for examples of frustrations and regrets in the political context of Sri Lanka when Rugby was the agenda. In the face of all that, as a leader who brought Rugby forward without stepping back, a young generation will be created in Rugby who will be able to emulate the steps taken by Rizly Illyas tomorrow rather than today.

They or the real traitors will identify who should be found and deported. Traitors cannot let any citizen of this country throw back any hope of winning in the Asian tournament. It will be dragged down the generations into infamy in front of the true rugby loving community. No one who could understand it would consent to the realization of such desires at this time. Physical changes can be achieved through tireless effort, but transforming people’s hypocrisy, greed, jealousy, and racism is challenging spiritually. They should be what the heart feels, not the body.

The rugby club will invite you to the game of rugby with an even more different power factor if you can hold back a little until the people who feel it come along.

Very soon the previous people will come back and increase the debt, and when the politicians will put on carnival shows for the events that please the rugby, the people who love rugby will go beyond the sports clubs and come forward for the real ruler. Stay there if you can. That is the sense of comradeship we feel.

Not being able to do something for a country is also a unfortunate. Sri Lanka currently can take many such examples in recent unfortunate situations The most recent example of the attempt by the athletics administration not to include the pole vault in the qualifiers of the Asian Youth Athletics Championships is Tushen Silva, who qualified for the tournament by playing alone in the qualifiers. All that happened after the election and his victory is now no secret to the country. How much of a crime would it be if it was not possible to qualify?

Are there no working adults to leave a glorious history for the future? That is the sad fact. No matter what profession you are in, no matter what responsibility you have, working outside of your personal life to try to win a rugby medal at this moment is a way of encouraging children to be proud of their future.

*Adapted from original article, “රගර්, නීතිය සහ දේශප්‍රේමය” published on 02.08.2023

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