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Sri Lanka Achieves Remarkable Turnaround as Inflation Plummets to Regional Low

In a historic shift, Sri Lanka has successfully transformed its inflation levels from being the highest in Asia, hovering around 70% just a year ago, to becoming the lowest in the region. The Central Bank’s latest projection indicates that the current inflation rate of 6.2% is expected to further decrease to approximately 1% for a brief period before stabilizing around 4%.

This significant achievement can be attributed to the government’s strategic economic revival initiatives, combined with stringent monetary policy regulations enforced by the Central Bank, as stated by Dr. P. K. G. Harischandra, the Director of the Central Bank’s Economic Research Department.

While neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, and Maldives continue to grapple with higher inflation rates, Sri Lanka’s prudent measures have led to this impressive turnaround.

Dr. Harischandra acknowledged that external factors, such as fluctuating oil and gas prices and skilled labor migration, could potentially impact inflation in the future. Additionally, weather patterns affecting electricity generation and agriculture may exert pressure on maintaining low inflation levels.

Addressing concerns about the exchange rate and foreign debt servicing, Dr. Harischandra reassured that Sri Lanka has been granted a sufficient grace period for debt repayment after seeking an IMF bailout. The country’s foreign receipts, bolstered by bilateral aid and a surge in tourism revenue, along with increased foreign remittances channeled through formal banking channels, have eased pressure on the dollar and balanced the import-export dynamics.

As Sri Lanka forges ahead with its economic recovery, the nation stands poised to build on these positive trends and continue its journey towards financial stability and growth.

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