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Sri Lankan Rupee further Depreciates Against US Dollar at Commercial Banks

Today, August 04, the Sri Lankan Rupee witnessed a depreciation against the US Dollar at commercial banks in Sri Lanka when compared to yesterday’s rates.

At Peoples Bank, the buying rate of the US Dollar surged from Rs. 305.58 to Rs. 311.42, while the selling rate rose from Rs. 320.61 to Rs. 326.74.

Commercial Bank also reported an increase in the buying rate of the US Dollar, which rose from Rs. 307.58 to Rs. 309.78. Simultaneously, the selling rate climbed from Rs. 322 to Rs. 325.

Similarly, at Sampath Bank, the buying rate of the US Dollar went up from Rs. 310 to Rs. 313, and the selling rate increased from Rs. 322 to Rs. 325.

The fluctuations in exchange rates underscore the ongoing volatility in the currency market, impacting financial transactions and import costs for businesses and consumers in Sri Lanka.

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