Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Education Minister Unveils Comprehensive Reforms for School Assessments and Workload Reduction

Education Minister Dr. Susil Premajayantha recently announced a series of transformative changes aimed at improving the education system in Sri Lanka. Starting from 2024, the number of school term tests for all grades will be limited to just one per year. Instead, regular assessment tests will be conducted at the end of each lesson or module, with scores recorded in computers and later added to the year-end exam.

Initially, the marks for the year-end term test will be calculated as 70 percent from the exam and 30 percent from the modules. However, the Ministry plans to eventually equalize the weightage to 50 percent each.

The Minister emphasized that the implementation of this new system will require compulsory attendance for students during daily classes. As a result, there will be no need for students to attend extra classes after school hours, reducing the burden on parents financially and freeing up resources for the nutritional needs of their children.

Furthermore, to alleviate the physical strain on students, the Ministry will issue only one workbook per school term, with the school workbook for the entire year divided into three parts. This move aims to reduce the weight of students’ schoolbags, allowing them to walk with a straight back and promoting better health.

Dr. Premajayantha expressed confidence that these comprehensive reforms will not only enhance the quality of education but also align with the core principles of the free education system in the country. By streamlining assessments and reducing the academic workload, the Ministry aims to create a more conducive learning environment for students while easing financial burdens on parents. These progressive changes hold the potential to transform the education landscape in Sri Lanka for the better.

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