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US Anti-Corruption Coordinator Richard Nephew Visits Colombo to Discuss Collaborative Efforts

In an official announcement, the US Embassy in Colombo has revealed that Richard Nephew, the US State Department Coordinator on Global Anti-Corruption, is embarking on a formal visit to Colombo from August 08 to 09.

The delegation accompanying Nephew on this important visit includes Dylan Aikens, the Anti-Corruption Analyst for the US Department of State, according to a statement released by the embassy.

During his time in Colombo, Nephew is slated to engage with a range of stakeholders, encompassing government officials, opposition figures, representatives from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), members of the private sector, and advocates from civil society.

The primary focus of his visit centers around gaining a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing efforts to combat corruption within the country. Moreover, Nephew’s discussions will extend to evaluating the prevailing political and economic circumstances in Sri Lanka. Additionally, the visit seeks to foster discussions about potential avenues for future collaboration between the two nations.

As Nephew and his team undertake these meetings, they aim to lay the groundwork for mutual understanding and collaborative endeavors aimed at addressing corruption and promoting transparency.

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