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Minister of Public Security Engages in Talks with TNA Regarding 13th Amendment

In a significant diplomatic move, Minister of Public Security Tiran Alles held a meeting on Thursday, August 10th, with representatives from the Tamil National Alliance (TNA). The focal point of their discussion was the 13th Amendment of the Constitution, with a particular emphasis on matters concerning police powers and the proposed devolution of authority.

During the meeting, the TNA Members of Parliament highlighted successful instances of power devolution in countries such as India and England. Drawing parallels, they urged for similar steps to be taken in Sri Lanka to empower regional governance. In response, Minister Alles acknowledged the achievements of power devolution in recent times in England. However, he emphasized the substantial disparities in social and political contexts between England and Sri Lanka.

In a related discourse, the TNA representatives expressed their concerns over the rising incidence of crimes and drug-related offenses in the Northern Province. In addressing these concerns, Minister Alles urged the TNA to collaborate by submitting any pertinent information to the special police committee assigned to investigate these issues.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Public Security, Viani Gunathilaka, CDCD Wickramaratne, Senior Deputy Inspector General of Basnahira Province, Deshbandhu Tennakoon, and other senior police officials, representing the Tamil National Alliance, MA Sumanthiran, Shanakkayan Rasamanikam, Dharmalingam Siddharthan, Charles Nirmalanathan and Mr. Selvam Adekkalanathan participated on this meeting.

Both sides have agreed to hold the next discussion in a fortnight as requested by the members of the Tamil National Alliance.

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