Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Massive Vehicle Fraud Operation Unearthed: Employee at Motor Traffic Department Accused

In a significant breakthrough, the Police Central Anti-Corruption Task Force located in Walana, Panadura, has identified a suspect involved in a sprawling vehicle fraud scheme. The suspect, who was employed in the record room of the Motor Traffic Department (MTD), is alleged to have amassed illegal profits in the millions of rupees by manipulating vehicle data within the department’s computer system.

The investigation revealed a sophisticated operation, with approximately 250 phone calls exchanged between the main suspect and an officer within the Motor Traffic Department. The suspect’s web of deceit extended to even the registration of a high-value jeep worth around Rs. 20 million, which was found to be fraudulently registered. Police have seized the vehicle as evidence.

The apprehended individual is believed to be the mastermind behind an organized criminal gang engaged in a large-scale racket involving document forgery for assembled vehicles. Authorities suspect that as many as 400 assembled vehicles may have been illicitly registered within the Motor Traffic Department.

A search of the suspect’s residence resulted in the discovery of a trove of incriminating evidence, including letterheads, rubber stamps, forged documents related to the Motor Traffic Department, counterfeit registration certificates from both public and private institutions, revenue licenses, falsified documents certifying the sale of condemned vehicles, and a plethora of other fraudulent materials. Notably, various blank forms and forged rubber seals from insurance companies and motor vehicle inspectors were also seized.

This recent revelation has prompted police to widen their investigation to determine whether additional personnel within the Motor Traffic Department are implicated in this far-reaching scheme. The Central Anti-Corruption Task Force in Walana, Panadura, remains at the helm of the ongoing investigation, determined to uncover the extent of this complex vehicle fraud operation.

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